EMAGIONAL:EAGLE® is the intuitive market research tool for companies with a wide range of products. It provides for reliable data capture on reader and buyer behaviour so that content can be tailored accordingly.


eagle singlepage

Basic template

Responsive web design

A range of page layout options

Article/Entry with preview, overview and detail page

Comment function for articles/entries

Media management

User management

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SSL encryption

Search engine page in- or exclusion

RSS feed

Social media share function

Search function

Head slider

Content slider

Image gallery

Contact form generator

Video frames

Podcast frames

Animated content elements such as accordion, toggle, tab

Animated image links


List types and tables

Various buttons

Various font styles

Quotation boxes

vCard download flip function

Evaluation add-on

Space ads add-on

Google Analytics add-on

Activity control add-on

Security add-on

SEO add-on

Member area add-on

AdSense add-on

Search & filter function of regional content
Events with and without a map


Activity control add-on1,2

Security add-on1,2

SEO add-on1,2

Member area add-on2

AdSense add-on2

Search & filter function of regional content/events with and without a map of Germany2

Google AdSense add-on

Social media add-on

Integration add-on for newsletter registration

Matomo analysis add-on (formerly: Piwik)

Geo location add-on

App creation for iOS & android

Development of individual/customised features

1 Feature of EMAGIONAL® app package: Tiger
2 Feature of EMAGIONAL® app package: Eagle

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