Companies want solutions for themselves and their customers in order to achieve full digital transformation of their communication efforts. The aim is always to be close to the customer. At the same time, there are a range of channels and media/platforms to choose from.

Generally, the result ends up being some limited Facebook activity, a little work on the website, an occasional post on Instagram and the odd blog, chat or suchlike.

The challenge

  • The way in which information is accessed has changed across Germany, Europe and the rest of the world.
  • Reading and user behaviour has changed in that time.
  • A wealth of information is inundating consumers (selection).
  • Content is generally googled or searched for in a targeted way. That is not good, if your presence on the web has not been search engine optimised.
  • Content that companies have specifically developed (news, images, magazines, flyers or other media) are difficult to access for prospective) customers.
  • Company content cannot be accessed anytime, anywhere.
  • The fragmented use of individual communication channels does not consolidate opportunities.

In addition

The challenge is to align corporate communication via on- and offline media to achieve maximum impact.

What if you could combine future communication efforts addressed at customers with classic CRM activities, influencer marketing, web videos, chats, online marketing, intranet structures, geomarketing and Facebook, your own websites and many other opportunities, as well as bringing together the MAXIMUM of analogue and digital communication?

Perhaps linked to augmented or virtual reality as well as other technologies used at the PoS or in magazines?

We have the solution – Glocal Hero

Augmented Reality (AR) Partnership

GLOCALHERO is a partner of the Yona app

If you would like to make the most of the latest technical developments, but don’t know how, technology provider YONA from Cologne can simplify use of the complex capabilities of augmented reality (AR) for you through a virtual assistant. The YONA app enhances and breathes life into the real world without encroaching on it. Analogue surfaces are animated with digital contents that provide completely new and interactive access to the physical environment.

Flyers not only provide information on products but are also able to show a 3D model in space. Magazines can be brought to life through videos or animations, and business cards can be given direct links to homepages or sample work. Immediate, vivid, up-to-date and without any advertising, the YONA app gets across the most important information at the right time. The many versatile options of augmented reality not only allow marketing material to stand out from the crowd, but also mean it can be customised at any point, so it has an absolute WOW factor every time! Once you have downloaded the YONA app, you will always have your practical AR assistant right there in your pocket.

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