Discover EMAGIONAL’s full-service package and take the lead.


100 Percent responsive

Whether you use a Windows PC, MacBook, iPad, android device or smart TV, EMAGIONAL will make your full screen digital publication immediately accessible for every user with Internet connectivity.


Individual web design

There is a choice of three distinct layout options for the design of your online magazine. In addition, EMAGIONAL offers numerous options to customise layout and content to the individual requirements of your corporate design.


Worldwide hosting

We only use high performance cloud servers that operate in Germany in accordance with German federal law. Cutting-edge technology always guarantees instantaneous loading of your online medium on all devices – worldwide.


Moving images

Videos enhance the multi-media experience of your magazine and provide the target group with an additional information platform. With EMAGIONAL, it is easy to integrate a video as a full-screen image or as associated content.


Intelligent data analysis

Link your online medium to your Google Analytics account or Matomo, in order to analyse reader behaviour. That will provide you with valuable data on popular articles, visitor numbers or average time spend per page and will allow you to use this information to optimise content.


Individual fonts

EMAGIONAL offers a wide range of appealing fonts. We are also happy to load your own font into the editor to ensure the magazine perfectly matches your corporate identity. You can rely on the fact that with us all fonts work easily, even on older browsers.


Social Sharing

In order to give you maximum reach, EMAGIONAL offers your readers the option of sharing the content of your online magazine via all key social media channels. That way your content can quickly go viral.


Interactive forms

EMAGIONAL allows you to create forms quickly and simply for communication with your readers. You can, for example, recruit applicants or receive confirmation of event attendance. The form builder will deliver the reply directly into your mailbox.


Integrated top channels

Popular infotainment channels such as YouTube and Vimeo, as well as the best music from Soundcloud can easily be integrated into your online magazine via EMAGIONAL‘s digital publishing platform.


Valuable lead generation

If you present your magazine as a white paper, visitors will only be able to access your content if they provide personal details such as their name, email address, etc. In this way, EMAGIONAL will generate high-quality leads for you.


Search engine optimisation (SEO)

EMAGIONAL will create a text file and an XML site map for your online magazine so that Google will quickly list your magazine. If you want to exclude Google, simply activate the “No-Follow-Script” so that your magazine does not appear in Google search results. EMAGIONAL furthermore offers an SEO plug-in by Yoast, which makes editing and search engine optimisation significantly easier.


Reliable basis: WordPress

EMAGIONAL Responsive Publishing uses the latest technology that can be rendered flawlessly on smartphones, tablets and all other devices. WordPress provides the ideal platform for this. As one of the most widely used blog systems on the World Wide Web, it offers a range of options for almost every application area.

Special designs and plug-ins make it possible to easily extend the blog system and adapt it to individual requirements. By using WordPress intelligently and creatively for your online magazine, it is possible to achieve outstanding results and impress readers even if they have no prior knowledge of HTML.

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